Thank you for taking the time out to get to know a little bit about me. My name is Domonique, I am a wife, and a mother of three children and one crazy, fun loving, Rottweiler. I began my photography journey like many of the photographer moms out there today, photographing my own children. My wonderful and supportive husband encouraged me to start a career in photography after viewing my work of our children. I wish I could say the rest is history, but I did not take my husband serious at first, I just thought he was being his usual supportive self. It took a little more gentle pushing from my husband for me to realize just how much I enjoyed photographing. It also helped that I had and have a host of family and friends that are extremely supportive of my work who also encouraged me to move forward with a career in photography.

Although I don't believe you can teach someone to have "the eye" for photography, a photographer can most definitely improve on his/her technical skills through school or apprenticeship. Since I don't come from a long line or even a short line of professional photographers and I take pride in my work, I chose to go back to school to improve on my skills. With proper schooling and training I in turn provide my clients with quality work. I have an Associates degree in Photography and began working on my Bachelor's of Fine Art in Photography, however as a busy entrepreneur, wife and mother school has taken a back seat at the present moment.

Much of my experience comes from working with one of the large preschool portrait studios which allowed me to photograph 100's of preschoolers on a weekly basis. Working with the preschool staff, the preschoolers and their family's, afforded me the opportunity to capture natural smiles and expressions in a fast paced environment. 

My current goal is to help build personal brands for the elite entrepreneur. From designers, creatives, bloggers, bakers, chefs, real estate agents, event planners, make-up artists, name it, if you are building a new brand or revamping an old one, KESS is here to assist you.

As the old saying goes “a photograph can speak a thousand words,” what do you want your photographs to say about you and your brand? I look forward to helping you achieve your goals! Call today for your complimentary phone consultation.