Welcome! Here you will find some photography tips, recipes, I will share some favorites from client galleries and discuss topics that move me. Most importantly, you will get to know more about me as I share some of my family moments. Enjoy! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and opinions, please just be respectful. It is ok to agree to disagree. 

Women's Branding Sessions with KESS Photography! Dec 9, 2017

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Whether you are building your personal brand or your professional brand, You are your brand! Professional imagery helps make positive first impressions that last a lifetime.  Join KESS Dec. 9, 2017 for an exclusive event that will assist 25 ladies build their brand.  The goal of KESS and our amazing sponsors is to assist ladies in having a successful 2018. You don't want to miss this event! The grand prize winner will receive; an environmental shoot, ladies apparel, 7 days complimentary meal prep, a signed copy of a women's motivational book, lip gloss, lip stick & lip balm, video service and more...   ALL ladies will receive, a portfolio of resources to assist in a successful 2018, complimentary make-up application and a professional headshot to update on websites, social media, business cards etc.  💜Reserve your session today! 

Women's Branding Sessions with KESS Photography

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Exclusive one day only event for Ambitious Women looking to build or upgrade their brand via Professional Headshots. Complimentary makeup application, 1 look, 1 high resolution file and 1 web file.  All participants will receive portfolios filled with materials to assist them in pursuing a success filled 2018. One raffle winner will receive items from sponsors to use at a later date, such as; two outfits, lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss, complimentary 20 minute massage, autographed Women's empowerment book and more...Sponsors are still being added.


Tis the season of giving

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 $25 from every session fee will be donated to the The LifeGroup Ministry at Southbay Community Church for food gift baskets for Thanksgiving.

Last day for Holiday Sessions is December 8, 2017. See full details here. Reserve session here.

The first three client sessions  paid in full will receive a complimentary 2018 KESS Photography Motivational Calendar.


Studio Portraits vs. Outdoor Portraits

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   Which is better, studio portraits or outdoor portraits? It really just depends on a clients preference. What do I prefer as a photographer, I honestly like both equally the same, it just depends on what my client is trying to accomplish. A polished look can be obtained in either setting. Family and children portraiture is probably where it makes more of a difference in regards to studio vs. outdoor portraits. Family & children portrait sessions with KESS are based around the children. How many children, the ages of the children, nap times, how active the children are, are all important factors when considering which setting would be ideal. 

The happy middle for KESS is, In Home portrait sessions. Sometimes the comfort of home, a familiar environment, makes it easier for children (and sometimes parents too) feel more at ease. One thing that has been consistent for me is my clients who are at ease and comfortable take better pictures. What's also great about In Home Portrait sessions is I bring the studio to my clients? If a client prefers to have a studio setting, but does not want to have to worry about packing up the children or wants to have multiple outfit changes, they don't want to be rushed in a traditional studio session etc. In Home Portrait Sessions would be a perfect compromise. KESS has had plenty of clients that have photographed In Home for the traditional studio look and in the same session have had some outdoor portraits photographed as well. What ever your preference, KESS has got you covered!





2018 KESS PHOTOGRAPHY Motivational Calendar Available!

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Motivational/inspirational Calendar with original quotes and affirmations by Domonique will be available for purchase! PRE-ORDER yours today! First shipment will be sent out Friday, November 17, 2017 (Sample imagery below, may or may not appear in final calendar edit). Contact Domonique via info@kessphotography.com or here for pricing details. Personalized calendars will also be available for purchase for portrait session clients booked for the 2017 holiday season. Calendars make great gifts for family members! The first 3 portrait sessions reserved for the holiday season will receive a complimentary motivational 2018 calendar. 


What's for breakfast!

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I am sure many moms can relate that the morning routine is one of the most pressing times of the day, especially when school is in session. Whether you home school or send your children off to a traditional school setting you want them to start their day with breakfast and you want that breakfast to  be as healthy as possible. As busy moms (and dads too) we don't always have time to prepare a healthy breakfast and those granola bars in the stores, sure do come in handy! I must admit we love granola bars in our home. They are quick to grab tasty to eat and tend to be on the healthier side for a quick breakfast. I'm on a slow fit journey with my family and we are making healthier eating choices. Luckily, my children have been on board with this slow process and have been enjoying all of my experimenting in the kitchen. My husband has been enjoying too, BUT he is a little more apprehensive than the children. So far, I have been proving to hubby that healthy treats can taste good too! Once I begin to make my own item, it becomes really hard for me to purchase the packaged item or pre-made items. 

I really started to pay attention to the long list of ingredients in the packaged granola bars and it was not sitting well with me, so I FINALLY, after a year or so of talking about it, I started to make my own a couple of months ago. As mentioned above, the children have been enjoying the experiments in the kitchen. Their feedback has been so positive that I started to sell the granola bars! Even though, I bake all sorts of goodies, my main focus these days are on the healthier side of things, such as the granola bars and the most favorite item of customers, banana bread! If you are not already following on instagram, follow @domoniques_delights for updates on new items! Follow @kessphotography for updates on photography from KESS! Pictured below is the customer favorite, banana bread. To purchase baked good items for breakfast or healthy snacks when you are pressed for time, contact domonique at domoniquesdelights@gmail.com. 



2018 KESS PHOTOGRAPHY Calendars Available!

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Motivational/inspirational Calendars with original quotes and affirmations by Domonique will be available for purchase! PRE-ORDER yours today! First shipment will be sent out Friday, November 17, 2017 (Sample imagery below, portraits and quotes below may or may not appear in final calendar edit). Contact Domonique at info@kessphotography.com for pricing details. Personalized calendars will also be available for purchase for portrait session clients booked for the 2017 holiday season. Calendars make great gifts for family members! The first 3 portrait sessions reserved for the holiday season will receive a complimentary calendar. 





KESS PHOTOGRAPHY'S 2016 Image of the Year Contest Winner

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A huge Thank you to all of my clients of 2016! Without my clients, I would not have been able to hold a contest. I am appreciative to everyone who trusted me to create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Whether it was for personal use or business, it was a pleasure creating memories with each and every one of you! A congratulations is in order to the KESS contest winner, Kaitlyn Brown. Thank you for becoming a client in 2016, also thank you for being such a great kid and easy & fun to work with. I look forward to working with you again on your complimentary session. I also want to thank her mom. It's a tough job being an industry mom, kudos to you for being the support system she will continue to need in a very demanding industry. If you are not already familiar with Kaitlyn Brown, check her out on her instagram @officialkaitlynbrown, she is a young, talented, fast rising star.


Best wishes to you Kaitlyn in all of your endeavors!




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Doing things a little different this year, all the contestants for the image of the year are images from image of the month from portrait sessions that took place throughout 2016. I will not narrow down the contestants all 12 months of Image of the Month are in the running and family, friends and fans will determine the winner. KESS has no control over the winner. A different voting system is being used this year for easier voting and tracking.Voting is allowed for the next two weeks, and you can only vote ONCE a day via the link provided. Anyone and everyone can vote! Best of Luck to all the contestants and their families. Thank you for your business throughout 2016!


I am defined by my character, NOT by the color of my skin...

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    Who am I??? First and foremost, I am a child of God. I am a wife, a mother, a friend, a student (I am a life long learner), and a business woman. I have many more "titles" but those listed are the most important. Often times I hear or read about people who say that they are color blind and I wonder to myself, "how is that even possible?" I often wonder about this statement because the first thing someone sees when I walk in the room is the color of my skin. I am not looked at as just a woman, I am seen as a black woman walking into the room. If I walk into a room alone, they don't know of my spiritual connection to the most high, they don't know that I am a wife (if they can not see the wedding ring on my finger from a distance), they don't know that I have children, they don't know that I love my friends as my family (because they are my chosen family), they don't know that I am constantly learning and growing and trying to better myself, they also know nothing about me building my own business...what people do see when I walk into a room alone is that I am a woman of color. Some are intimidated by my "blackness", some embrace it.


  I haven't been comfortable with calling myself black for many years...NOT because I am not proud of who I am and where I come from but because I do not like to be referred to as a color. I am so much more than the color of my skin. As stated in the title, I am defined by my character, NOT by the color of my skin. It's crazy to me that I would be judged by the color of my skin. If I do say so myself, it is pretty ignorant to judge, mistreat, discriminate against someone based off of the color of their skin, the very thing they had no control over, the very thing they were born with, the very thing that God felt was beautiful and perfect and blessed us with. After all, if we were made in God's likeness, "skin of copper and hair of wool," shouldn't melenated people embrace their greatness? Shouldn't we embrace what God blessed us with? "Our skin is not a sin", and we should not be murdered in cold blood because of it. We should not be burying melanated Grandparents, Mothers, Fathers, and Children that have been murdered for the simple fact that they were "black." How can the same people who go to church and claim they love God go out and murder in cold blood. How can the same people who claim to love God make excuses for people who have killed in cold blood, but get upset when an athlete does not stand for the national anthem. The very reason Colin Kaepernick took a "stand" to begin with was to be the voice for those people that did not have a voice or platform to speak against police brutality. Yet, here we are again, the very reason why Kaepernick was protesting, people are on social media hash tagging someone's name who lost his life do to police brutality. What was his crime??? His vehicle broke down on the highway...If you are interested in reading the full story or watching his video, you can search for Terence Crutcher. I have not watched his video and I refuse to watch it. I have not and will not hashtag his name. I'm tired of seeing hashtags for my people being slaughtered. I'm tired of people making excuses for my people being murdered in cold blood, it's being caught on video and their is no justice. Walking with Skittles and an Ice tea, asking an officer why you are being pulled over, selling loose cigarettes, selling cd's, walking to your car with your hands up, reading a book while waiting for your daughter to get out of school...no one deserved to lose their life over these incidents. None of them even deserved to be shot at.


  I understand why some melanted people try to run away from their heritage and culture, why some of them try to disconnect from their people. Maybe they feel that if they run away from their people they will become accepted by the very people that oppress them. Maybe they think they would be safe or their family members would be safe if they become more like the oppressor. Maybe, just maybe, they think their life would be easier... Unfortunately the reality is, there is no reasoning with the oppressor. Their mindset and mentality is something that you will never comprehend. I'm sorry to break the news to you but oppressors are racist and no matter what you do and how you behave, how educated you become, you will never be validated by them and they will always see you as inferior.


It's extremely clear that racism still exists. It is very clear that melanated people are still being racially profiled. Racism never went away, we just did not hear about it as much prior to the social media age. This country was founded on racism and continues to thrive off of racism. When will it end? When will someone just see me as a woman and a good person, and not concerned about the color of my skin? When will ALL people truly be treated equal. I honestly wish I knew the answers to these questions, but your best bet as a melanated person or person of color, would be to clean up your own backyard and not worry about what other groups of people are doing. Take care of your own! Support your own, love your own and of course love yourself in the process. When you take care of yourself, you can take better care of the ones you love. Be unapologetic about being you! One thing that is for sure that in this country the dollar is respected, "Black Dollars Matter." Be mindful of where you spend your dollars, stop supporting people who do not support you. In the meantime, while all the race issues are being sorted out, stop judging people by the color of their skin. IF you must judge someone, judge them by the content of their character, not their outward appearance or skin color. 


Peace & Blessings