When you hire a professional photographer you are trusting them to capture professional quality images that gain potential customers attention and earn their business. Branding/marketing is essential to every business large or small. To this day Nike and Coca Cola, two of the larger brands around, still invest in professional imagery to preserve their brand.  Have your images stand out above the rest! At KESS Photography, clients receive premier service and quality imagery. A session with KESS is never rushed and each and every client and/or product is treated with care. Domonique, the lead Photographer, sits down with each client after the session for a private viewing session to help select the best headshot and best product imagery for marketing material and online presence. Branding sessions are ideal for designers; bloggers; bakers; chefs; real estate agents; event planners; creatives...etc. Don't miss out on the KESS experience, reserve your branding session today.  


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