Hello, my name is Domonique , the lead photographer and owner of KESS Photography. When I'm not behind the camera, you can often find me giving thanks to God for my many blessings, spending time with my family, or in the kitchen baking my infamous, banana bread! 

  Even though there is a tremendous amount of competition out there and the advancement of cameras and camera phones has made many dabble in the photography world, my passion for photography has not wavered. 

  Although I don't believe you can teach someone to have "the eye" for photography, a photographer can most definitely improve on his/her technical skills through school or apprenticeship. I don't come from a long line or even a short line of professional photographers and I take pride in my work, so I chose to go back to school to improve on my skills. I have an Associates Degree in Photography and began working on my Bachelor's of Fine Art in Photography, however; with my busy family and entrepreneur life, school has taken a back seat at the present moment.

Much of my experience comes from working with one of the large preschool portrait studios which allowed me to photograph 100's of preschoolers on a weekly basis. Working with the preschool staff, the preschoolers and their family's, afforded me the opportunity to capture natural smiles and expressions in a fast paced environment. 

My current goal is to help build personal brands for the elite entrepreneur. From designers, creatives, bloggers, bakers, chefs, real estate agents, event planners, make-up artists, name it, if you are building a new brand or revamping an old one, KESS is here to assist you.

As the old saying goes “a photograph can speak a thousand words,” what do you want your photographs to say about you and your brand? See here for more details on personal brand photography.