KESS PHOTOGRAPHY | 2016 Project 365-Day 10 PRIVACY (Girl Potty Training)

2016 Project 365-Day 10 PRIVACY (Girl Potty Training)

January 13, 2016  •  1 Comment


2016 Project 365-Day 10: PRIVACY

Jan 10

 Not only should you capture precious moments of your children, you should capture video too! I really should have a video camera on these kids at all times. SO..I have been teaching the little one about privacy...I did not know it was going to include me too so soon! LOL  There is a fine line between teaching children (especially young girls) to be proud of their bodies, but at the same time staying modest. So far, it has been a good balance. We have had success with our oldest daughter, so we will try to repeat what worked with our oldest and pass on what worked to our youngest.

In the midst, it seems as though there will be some humor along the way! I love this little girl, she brings so much joy to our family. 




This one takes a bit of timing, and a lot of patience: as soon as you see the signs, get your child to the potty/toilet as quickly
as you can (you might need to lift them up and run!), and put them on the toilet seat. Sit with him reading or with an iPad or
whatever until he goes. Huge applause and reward. Repeat until the connection is made. I have found some good <a href=“”>pottytraingapps</a>; from searching google. You may try this apps for become a special potty trainer for your sons. Thanks.
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