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Ask for what you want

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  I use to believe that it was selfish for me to ask for what I wanted. I would ask for what my children needed, I asked for what I thought my husband wanted and/or needed, but when it came to myself...I did not ask for what I wanted. I had thoughts of what I wanted, I had needs, but I did not feel comfortable asking for anything for myself. It was borderline feeling like I did not deserve the things I wanted. I allowed "friends" and associates to down play my accomplishments as a wife, mother, friend, photographer and business owner. I will repeat that, I allowed...I am FINALLY, after many, many, many years of not putting myself first, taking 100% responsibility for my life. Which means I am taking responsibility for the good and the bad experiences that come my way. Taking 100% responsibility means that I can not complain or blame anyone for my failures, even when there are some contributing factors that are very relevant to the failures, going forward I am going to analyze how I attracted the behavior or treatment from that person or how I could have possibly opened myself up to the negative energy.

  I am making a commitment to myself to be honest with myself, be positive, continue to be encouraging to others, stay loyal to those who stay loyal to me, and most importantly continue to give LOTS of love and support to my faithful supports and no longer give any energy to those that do not wish me or my family well. I am no longer making any room in my life for the negative energy of others. We all go through things, but it is not acceptable to take it out on your friends or family members who have been in support of you. I have and always will be a loyal friend and it took for me to lose what I thought were some good friends to understand that not everyone views friendship the same and not everyone deserves my friendship. I have learned to love people from a distance, and I am much happier now! Does the behavior of others confuse me sometimes, absolutely! I am the type that wants anyone around me to do well for themselves and what better for themselves and I will motivate and encourage them as much as I possibly can. In the past, I would wish well for others and expect nothing in return, now I expect the same respect in return for my relationships, whether they be friendships, working relationships or family relationships. I treat others how I want to be treated, and I expect nothing less in return. 

So what exactly do I want...I want to be happy, I want good health, I want this year and every year going forward filled with love and support from family and friends, I want to enjoy lots of great food, I want to travel and I want to be successful in all of my endeavors. I am asking for what I want, I am claiming what I want and I believe that I will have all that my heart desires from this point forward.  

*Resort back to your childhood and believe that anything is possible! "If you believe it, you can achieve it!" Be you, Be Great!


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