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I want my boobs back!

February 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



 Yup! You read that right...I want my boobs back! The sweet little angle face you see pictured above...she is holding my boobs hostage and I want them back. I don't feel bad at all for wanting them back either. For those of you confused, she is still nursing. She does not nurse as much as she use to, BUT she is still nursing. Pictured above, she was probably contemplating on how to get some milk before nap time! I love the quality time we have shared and I love how articulate and smart she is. I can honestly have a conversation with her. Her dialog and vocabulary is superb and I contribute that to nursing. 


She went from saying milk properly, to milka, mealk, back to milk, mealka. She began to tell me at about 17 months fitch sides (meaning she wants to switch sides), thanks to her big sis she has added boob to her vocabulary. She recently told me that my boob was her boob and her milk in there...little baby say whaaaaat! She even told me that I had chocolate milk....I don't know where she got that from...that is a complete myth, brown skin people do not produce chocolate milk. ROTF...SERIOUSLY...where do these little people get this stuff from. She amazes me every day, not just with her vocabulary and ability to articulate, but she actually comprehends what we say to her.


I think it is time to stop nursing now, not because anyone has tried to shame me or because anyone else's opinion is for me to stop but because I am ready. Nursing this long (she is a month away from being 2 years old) has not kept her from being independent, adventurous, seeking knowledge, or wanting to develop friendships. She is also potty trained, YUP...potty trained before she stopped nursing. How is that possible, I did not hold off on potty training just because she was nursing. My personal belief is if my child can communicate with me, my child can use the bathroom like a big kid. Nursing this long has not hindered her in any way, if anything it has helped her develop into the great little individual she has become.


My dilemma, WEANING! I am really at a loss, considering my first two pretty much weaned themselves shortly after they turned a year old. How can I wean this little girl that has become accustomed to her mommy time, her milk time that soothes her to sleep??? I have some ideas, but I haven't quite figured it out yet, once I do! I will be sure to fill you in. In the meantime, if you are nursing and it has become overwhelming or people are shaming you into stop nursing...hang in there, "this too shall pass," stop nursing when the two of you are ready, not any sooner. 






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