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What happened to manners?

February 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Seriously, why are people so rude and inconsiderate??? With all of the social media, have people forgotten how to be polite in the real world? Is it not a requirement to have manners when you are not dealing with people face to face? Since when is it ok to ignore people and not be considered rude? I have the strangest feeling that if I treated some people the same way they have treated me, I would be all kinds of bad names and unprofessional etc. When you are a small business owner, still building your brand you have to be VERY careful of how you carry yourself...really, you should always be mindful of how you carry yourself, but it's even more important when you are trying to make a name for yourself. 

I will never respect someone who doe not show me the same respect that I show them. Honestly, I will never understand how in the same day a few minutes apart, I can be communicating with someone about something that is beneficial to them, but as soon as I mention something about my own business or needing help...that phone goes silent. Another scenario is, I send out a promotional text or email and I don't hear anything back at all. The emails people get a pass because they may or may not have received the email, it could have gone in their junk folder, they may not log into their personal email that often etc, but a direct text message (and I don't mean in a group text) and a person does not respond, is just plain rude. I am very much a big girl and I don't expect everyone to use my services and I understand that my business will not be for everyone and everyone is NOT my client, however, it is the polite thing to do and respond in some manner. Either say, no thank you, I am not interested, maybe, I will get back to you...but to not respond at all...RUDE...I am not sure if they think they will hurt my feelings because they don't want to do business, they don't want to support my business, what ever the case may be, but it will not hurt my feelings, it's just business. I have the upmost respect for those that can be honest and can be polite about it.  I don't understand what is so hard about saying "no thank you or not at this time." If you are my friend (which I don't refer to many as a friend, my friends are my chosen family) you know one thing about me is that I will not harass a person or hound a person for their business.


My almost two year old has more manners than many adults I come in contact with. She says, "please", "thank you", "no thank you", "excuse me"...if she can do it, so can an adult. 


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