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It's Our Anniversary...

August 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Well, technically it's not today it was 9 days ago, but we've been celebrating us the last couple weeks! We've spent time alone, went out to eat and even took an overnight trip. For us getting away for a day is huge, but it was and is very necessary. When you have a family, when you have one child it becomes difficult to spend time alone as a couple, and it becomes increasingly difficult to have alone time when you have multiple children. You have to become creative, so you start to sneak little moments alone here and there to show each other affection and show love. It is nice to hear someone say they love you, but it is even better to feel that someone loves you. Stolen hugs and kisses go a long way. It's definitely good for the two of us and our relationship to give each other affection, but it is also good for our children. After all, us being "affectionate" with one another is the reason they are here. LOL.


In all seriousness, our children know we love each other, not just because we tell them that we do, but because they watch our every move, and I mean our every move. If they are not watching they are listening to what we say to each other. Words to each other may not always be loving and we may not make each other feel good all the time, but in all honesty, children need to know that it is normal for adults (for their parents) to disagree sometimes. It is also normal for them to see that their parents may not even get along at time. My husband and I don't believe in sheltering our children and having them believe we live in some type of fairytale world where nothing ever goes wrong. If we gave them that misconception and pushed them off into the real world they would be in for a RUDE awakening. I'm not saying to have an all out brawl with your spouse, but what I am saying is that children need to know that through the arguments, the disagreements and the not liking each other at the end of the day we still love each other and we work through what ever issues we have and we apologize to each other when we are wrong. 


I think children who grow up thinking their parents never argue or disagree, grow up to be adults that think relationships should be perfect and if they have a disagreement with their spouse or potential spouse that their relationship is broken. Which takes me back to what I said about it being normal for children to see their parents not just see them loving on each other but also working through arguments. Before our "daycation" or overnight stay away to celebrate each other we had a talk with our children. Long story short, not long before taking our little getaway, my husband and I were not getting along, so the trip was very much needed. However, we told them that sometime we may not get along, some times we may get on each others nerves and that is normal in a relationship, but at the end of the day we love each other and we love them. We also told them that when you love someone you work through the good, the bad AND the ugly. You can not just give up when times get hard. Every relationship has it's ups and downs, but both parties need to be willing to work through the tough times. 


By far, my husband and I do not have a perfect relationship and we are not the perfect parents, but one thing that can never be taken away from us is the fact that we have each others back and we do the best we can to make our relationship work. I can honestly say that I married my best friend. We must be doing something right, as we are fast approaching 2 decades of being together. Only 6 years of being "officially" married, but we have never been separated. Yes, there have been people to try and break us up (misery LOVES company), there have been people to try and interject how we should do things in our relationship (many of those people are no longer together), there have been women to try and finagle their way into my husbands life, YUP...there really are women out there that are OK with being "side chicks" (that is a topic for another time), through EVERYTHING...still we stand. As mentioned above, we took a much needed "daycation" and we enjoyed every minute of each other's company. We made a pack that we will start taking more little trips or at least having one day (even if it is just a few hours) to spend with just the two of us. I will admit that we need to work on talking about our children less, but we really do love our little crumb snatchers and we want the best for them.  =)


Below is a few captures from our little trip to Rancho Mirage, we stayed at the Westin and it was quite lovely and we received some of the best customer service, I am always happy when we receive great customer service as that seems to be a lost cause these days (also a topic for another time). Any how, enjoy a few moments from our trip!







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