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Studio Portraits vs. Outdoor Portraits

October 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


   Which is better, studio portraits or outdoor portraits? It really just depends on a clients preference. What do I prefer as a photographer, I honestly like both equally the same, it just depends on what my client is trying to accomplish. A polished look can be obtained in either setting. Family and children portraiture is probably where it makes more of a difference in regards to studio vs. outdoor portraits. Family & children portrait sessions with KESS are based around the children. How many children, the ages of the children, nap times, how active the children are, are all important factors when considering which setting would be ideal. 

The happy middle for KESS is, In Home portrait sessions. Sometimes the comfort of home, a familiar environment, makes it easier for children (and sometimes parents too) feel more at ease. One thing that has been consistent for me is my clients who are at ease and comfortable take better pictures. What's also great about In Home Portrait sessions is I bring the studio to my clients? If a client prefers to have a studio setting, but does not want to have to worry about packing up the children or wants to have multiple outfit changes, they don't want to be rushed in a traditional studio session etc. In Home Portrait Sessions would be a perfect compromise. KESS has had plenty of clients that have photographed In Home for the traditional studio look and in the same session have had some outdoor portraits photographed as well. What ever your preference, KESS has got you covered!






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