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What's for breakfast!

October 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


I am sure many moms can relate that the morning routine is one of the most pressing times of the day, especially when school is in session. Whether you home school or send your children off to a traditional school setting you want them to start their day with breakfast and you want that breakfast to  be as healthy as possible. As busy moms (and dads too) we don't always have time to prepare a healthy breakfast and those granola bars in the stores, sure do come in handy! I must admit we love granola bars in our home. They are quick to grab tasty to eat and tend to be on the healthier side for a quick breakfast. I'm on a slow fit journey with my family and we are making healthier eating choices. Luckily, my children have been on board with this slow process and have been enjoying all of my experimenting in the kitchen. My husband has been enjoying too, BUT he is a little more apprehensive than the children. So far, I have been proving to hubby that healthy treats can taste good too! Once I begin to make my own item, it becomes really hard for me to purchase the packaged item or pre-made items. 

I really started to pay attention to the long list of ingredients in the packaged granola bars and it was not sitting well with me, so I FINALLY, after a year or so of talking about it, I started to make my own a couple of months ago. As mentioned above, the children have been enjoying the experiments in the kitchen. Their feedback has been so positive that I started to sell the granola bars! Even though, I bake all sorts of goodies, my main focus these days are on the healthier side of things, such as the granola bars and the most favorite item of customers, banana bread! If you are not already following on instagram, follow @domoniques_delights for updates on new items! Follow @kessphotography for updates on photography from KESS! Pictured below is the customer favorite, banana bread. To purchase baked good items for breakfast or healthy snacks when you are pressed for time, contact domonique at 




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